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About Images Theatre Company 

Images Theatre Company is an enthusiastic, culturally focused, non-profit that provides professional and community theater arts. At Images Theatre Company, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling through the art of theater. We are more than just a theater company; we are a passionate community of actors, directors, writers, and creatives dedicated to creating unforgettable theatrical experiences. Our journey began with a shared love for the stage and a vision to captivate audiences with compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.


Lisa Lacy founded Images Theatre Company in 2003 and acted, wrote, and directed over 40 productions throughout her life.  One such production, Gospel at Colonus, provided the opportunity for Charles (Charlie) Cooper and Lisa to meet as cast members.  Recognizing Charlie’s outstanding musical talents, Lisa invited him to join her as the Musical Director and a founding member of the company.  They were a perfect match and immediately began to combine their creative gifts to produce highly acclaimed works of art that have educated, inspired, and uplifted people all over the world Lisa and Charlie collaborated on many productions over the years, right up until February 2020.  

Sadly, Lisa Lacy passed away in July 2020 and Charlie Cooper passed away in September 2021.  The Images Board of Directors and theater community as a whole were shocked and devastated, trying to figure out how and if we should carry on.

After much discussion among board members, we realized that we had a duty to keep the vision and legacy of Lisa and Charlie alive.  We believe that the Arts are vital to our communities and we are committed to doing our part.

We will revisit some of the excellent shows produced and offered by Images Theatre over the years, and we will strive to present new works, including dramas and musicals.

 I am humbled by the board’s confidence in me and to subsequently vote me in as Executive Director and I’m excited for the future.  It is a bright future indeed, and we look forward to presenting excellent entertainment to our community once again.  We may see you via streaming, at live performances, or whichever format is applicable at the time.  Let’s keep the ARTS ALIVE!  Let’s do this together!


Peace and Love,

Jeanette LaRue

Executive Director, Images Theatre Company, Inc      


At Images Theatre Company, our mission is to produce high-standard, live theatrical productions where diversity is the cornerstone of all our endeavors. We are dedicated to creating performing arts productions—such as live musical theatre and plays that provide programs, shows, and job opportunities for audiences and low-income communities. Our goal is to raise awareness of important social issues including discrimination, child abuse, domestic abuse, animal rights, homelessness, environmental protection, substance abuse, harassment, inequities in justice, and suicide.


We strive to provide job opportunities in theatre productions to individuals from underserved communities, including those with disabilities, living in low-income areas, identifying as LGBTQIA, or the elderly. Our core programs and services aim to grow these communities in the performing arts through partnerships with YMCAs, boys and girls clubs, religious groups, summer programs, and after school programs. Some of our services include; educational seminars, internships, providing training and development, field trips for kids of various ages to production workshops, rehearsals and readings and music recording studios.


Images Youth Program is an important piece of the vision and mission. We have, and will continue to provide opportunities for students to learn the machinations of presenting a successful production. Images will provide space and time for community youth to shadow musicians, stage managers and technical personnel. Additional ways to offer youth a theater experience will be to educate and train them in costume design, stage hand duties, catering, and make-up. We will development a program which will sponsor students and allow them to attend specific productions.

Through word of mouth and by Images providing a positive and enlightening experience, volunteers would direct others to future images endeavors. We also collaborate with colleges and universities, including HBCUs, to offer educational seminars, internships, training, and development opportunities.


Images Theatre Company is committed to promoting theater through culturally, socially, and educationally relevant productions that engage and empower artists and audience members. We aim to transform lives through positive interaction with the arts by hiring and training diverse, underserved community and professional artists, students, and technicians. Our vision is to create a world where self-sufficiency, social consciousness, cultural awareness, and social justice are realities, establishing us as a nationally recognized, inclusive professional theater company and training ground.


Meet Our Board of Directors 

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


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